There are 23 Unit Standards under the Domain "Civil Defence Operation".

At Level 2 there are (8 Unit Standards), Level 3 (11 Unit Standards), Level 4 (3 Unit Standards) and Level 5 (1 Unit Standard). The Unit Standards we offer under this domain include....

Level 2

20473 - Rescue casualties at ground level using Civil Defence general rescue techniques

22298 - Protect personal safety and the safety of others at flood incidents

23692 - Demonstrate knowledge of driving legislation and CDEM organisation's standard operational procedures for driving

528 - Demonstrate survival techniques for a Civil Defence emergency

7317 - Demonstrate knowledge of the civil defence emergency management (CDEM) general rescue function

 7332 - ontrol the movement of people and vehicles at a specified location during a civil defence emergency

7334 - Demonstrate knowledge of the functions and operations of Civil Defence Emergency Management

7335 - Demonstrate knowledge of the role and powers of a controller in a declared emergency

Level 3

​20853 - Demonstrate knowledge of the establishment and maintenance of a CDEM communications system

20854 - Operate a Civil Defence Emergency Management communications system

22297 - Provide initial response at flood incidents

23693 - Navigate in urban and rural areas during a CDEM emergency

23694 - Undertake storm damage operations in a CDEM emergency

​23695 - Provide companion animal welfare during a CDEM emergency
23696 - Demonstrate knowledge of and provide support at a CDEM emergency operations centre (EOC)

7321 - ​Process information during an emergency

Level 4
23690 - Conduct CDEM operational briefings and debriefings, and issue operational orders

23691 - Drive civil defence emergency vehicles in operational situations

24500 - Demonstrate knowledge of, and use, CDEM rescue equipment and techniques, and rescue casualties at height   

Level 5

7331 - manage the provision of resources to meet Civil Defence emergency demands


There are 14 Unit Standards under the domain "Civil Defence Management".

At Level 2 there is (1 Unit Standard), Level 4 (7 Unit Standards), Level 5 (3 Unit Standards) and Level 6 (4 Unit Standards). The Unit Standards we offer under this domain include....

Level 2

23703 - Demonstrate knowledge of the administration of a CDEM volunteer group

Level 4

23697 - Plan, manage and evaluate CDEM exercises 

​23702 - Coordinate and manage spontaneous volunteers during a CDEM emergency

7319 - Manage mass casualty triage in a civil defence and emergency management (CDEM) emergency

7325 - Establish a Civil Defence Emergency Management section

7327 - Coordinate a Civil Defence emergency response for a community

7330 - Supervise a welfare centre during an emergency

Level 5

23701 - Develop training and support programmes, and recruit, appoint, and manage CDEM volunteers

7322 - Produce a Standard Operating Procedure for a Civil Defence Emergency Management organisation

​7324 - Prepare civil defence and emergency management (CDEM) reduction strategies

Level 6

7238 - Act as a Controller in a Civil Defence emergency

7329 - Manage a central government agency response to a Civil Defence emergency

7333 - Manage recovery in a civil defence emergency at a local government level


There are 3 Unit Standards under the domain "Civil Defence Emergency Management Response".

At Level 2 there are (2 Unit Standards) and Level 3 (1 Unit Standard), The Unit Standards we offer under this domain include....

Level 2

26386 - Describe New Zealand's hazardscape and its management

Level 3

26608 - Describe the process for declaring, extending and terminating a state of emergency

Occupational Health and Safety Practice

17588 - Demonstrate knowledge of the role and powers of a controller in a declared emergency

17590 - Issue worksite specific work permits

In 2016 the Tertiary Education Commission introduced an adult community education (ACE) fund for the Emergency Management Sector. Fire Rescue and First Response Ltd have been awarded funding to deliver Civil Defence Emergency Management NZQA Unit Standards – fee free to people whom volunteer their time within the Civil Defence community.

Please contact Rae Tailby for further information.  The list of courses that are fees free under this fund can be viewed by clicking on our Civil Defence Link.

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