Height Safety Training for the Workplace and Emergencies

Get qualified to use your equipment

Get the most out of your gear

Upskill to use your people to assess risk and work safely 

Training is a mix of practical sessions and theory work which includes a take-home, comprehensive study guide to consolidate learning.

 Our trainers can check your gear is up to specifications and tag them for compliance.

Get your teams working with their equipment confidently, using safety checks and techniques that are up to standard.

Benefit from our specialist height safety trainers who have industry experience.

“All training is produced and delivered by experienced responders and managers within their field and are independently moderated to ensure quality. We have operating procedures and systems in place that ensure we provide high quality training and services at a lower cost.”

Phil Nesbit


Our experienced trainers can guide you to coordinate the height safety training program you need, whether it is for the commercial sector, emergency services or part of Storm Response training.

Courses include all types of scenarios such as group work and what to do when things go wrong.

We travel to your site so you have the added bonus of our qualified trainers checking your gear and tagging it if required.

Learn how to operate safely at heights for industry work or in an emergency and gain NZQA unit standards.

After completing the course we load your units with NZQA, provide an achievement certificate and a wallet ID card if required.

We can also provide safety plans for projects to ensure you are meeting all your legal safety requirements.

Do you have questions about your gear, storage, checks or responsibilities under law?

Talk to our trainers who have many years industry experience, are Fire and Emergency New Zealand trained and are up-to-date on the latest government standards and requirements for business owners when it comes to having your staff work at heights.

Rope Rescue Training Courses

Learn the theory and practical knowledge with our experienced tutors

Use our free download


If we have resources that we think might be usefull to others we add them here, let us know if you have any questions or need more information about any of the topics.

Height Rescue Plan

Use this download to train your people on height rescue plans. Use the step by step images to explain the process. You can buy complete kits or put your own one together. Make sure your gear meets safety standards and ask us if you need any training advice.

“As a student, I felt comfortable asking questions, offering suggestions and listening to his stories.

His approach, knowledge and expertise made the days enjoyable.”

“Have had some excellent feedback from the team re Fridays course, a pleasure as always.”

“Would just like to thank you all for being able to accommodate our late request to have the course.  The guys were commenting that your courses are the best they have ever done, so thank you.”

“As always your team is fast, efficient and “on the mark” thank you.”

Check out the Height Safety NZQA unit standards we teach...

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