Fire Rescue and First Response


Preferred provider for New Zealand’s Fire and Emergency services nationwide.

Civil Defence total packages for all events.

Utilise our specialist training centres to improve response times and leadership skills.

Government organisations and commercial institutions come to us first for all staff training in First Aid, Fire Extinguisher, and Wardens.



We provide Emergency Management to the commercial and industrial sectors with particular specialties in aviation, electronics, automotive and Oil and Gas industries.

Our Fire and Risk management services include Consultancy, Engineering, Design, Training, Inspection, Maintenance, Emergency Response, Fire suppression safety and planning.

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) storing and standards.
Environmental Fluorocarbon-Free Class-B storage and usage.
Spill mitigation.
Planning and advice for industrial safety procedures and equipment.


Fire Rescue First Response are the foremost providers of First Aid, Fire fighting, Health and Safety, Industrial, Municipal and Medical Emergency Response Training and Consultancy throughout the Asia Pacific region. We provide an extensive range of products and services for all Spill Mitigation and Emergency Response solutions.

Are you prepared for all Emergencies. . .

and the investigation afterwards?

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