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Fire Rescue First Response are the foremost providers of safety training for First Aid, Fire Fighting, Health and Safety, Industrial, Municipal and Medical Emergency Response Training and Consultancy throughout the Asia Pacific region.

We provide an extensive range of products and services for all Spill Mitigation and Emergency Response solutions.


National Fire Protection Association
Member since 2015


Industrial Emergency Services Management
Member since 2015

We are a referred provider for New Zealand’s Fire and Emergency services nationwide.

Government organisations and commercial institutions come to us first for all staff training in First Aid, Fire Extinguisher, and Wardens.

Benefit from Civil Defence total packages for all events.

Utilise our specialist training centres to improve response times and leadership skills.

We provide emergency management to commercial and industrial sectors, with particular specialities in aviation, electronics, automotive and oil and gas.

Our fire and risk management services include:

  • consultancy
  • engineering
  • design
  • training
  • inspection
  • maintenance
  • emergency response
  • fire suppression safety and planning.

We also provide:

  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) storing and standards.
  • Environmental Fluorocarbon-Free Class-B storage and usage.
  • Spill mitigation.
  • Planning and advice for industrial safety procedures and equipment.

Training Courses

Our highly trained and experienced professionals are here to get you prepared for all emergencies.
Have a look at our training courses to get started

Breathing Apparatus

BA Training for the Workplace and Emergencies

Get qualified to use your equipment


Total Chainsaw safety training packages

Build your team skills on location

Confined Space

Get trained and qualified
Learn to assess risk

Benefit from our experienced trainers

Emergency Risk Management

Emergency Risk Management, Leadership and Response.

Trust us, we are experts with many years experience.

Fire And Emergency Response

We provide training and consultancy in Workplace Fire and Emergency Response

First Aid Training

First Aid Training for the Workplace and Emergencies

Upskill to be a confident responder to a medical incident

Rope And
Height Safety

Height Safety Training for the Workplace and Emergencies

Upskill to use your people to assess risk and work safely

Rope Rescue

No need to provide gear, we bring it with us

Utilise our skilled tutors to get your team trained

Team Building

Total team building training packages

Build your team skills on location

Workplace Warden Training

Practical – Interactive – Fun

How quickly can you get your people to the evacuation area?

“Our highly trained and experienced professionals are our key asset – they are fully trained in all aspects of emergency response and management, and are recognised as some of the most knowledgeable experts in their fields.”

Phil Nesbit

Director – Fire Rescue and First Response Ltd

Strengthening Safety Together: Our Partner Community

Together Towards a Safer Future: Our Alliance for Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management

Dynamic International


DER’s highly experienced specialists are qualified and experienced in emergency preparedness, management, response, and recovery activities.

They are positioned in strategic locations throughout the world and pride themselves on offering innovative solutions and systems for any major emergency or high impact hazards that will occur.

RS International Spill Solutions

UK & Europe

Specialising in oil spill response and emergency management, RS International Spill Solutions Limited has 26 years’ experience of working for and alongside oil companies and government agencies.

The business along with a network of partners and associates is well placed to support the needs of industry and governments globally.

Naga Risk Management International


NRM International is a distinguished risk management firm with a legacy of 35 years in the Oil & Energy and Extractive industries, led by key personnel experienced in multinational corporations across the Middle East, Oceania, and Southeast Asia (SEA).

Kiwi Resource Protection


KRP has been operating on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard since 1995. Located in the heart of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), they provide bespoke international standard risk management solutions to our Asia Pacific customers.

With both highly experienced local and foreign expertise, they provide solutions that not only meet regulatory requirements that are cost effective, follow global best practices, and work first time and every time when it matters the most.

We are part of Dynamic International

Dynamic International was formed to fill an identified gap in the market providing a fully integrated Emergency Management and Emergency Response company led by experienced and globally recognised professionals for all industries, organizations, and governments.

Fire and Hazard Control Products

We offer a catalog of highly speccialized and reliable products geared towards Fire and Hazard Control
To get a full list of our products please contact us at 0508 397 267

Dry Chemicals

Fire and Hazard Control

Williams’ “PKW™” is a highly specialized siliconized Purple-K that is one of the most effective dry chemicals used to extinguish flammable and/or combustible pressurized liquid fires.

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Fire Apparatus (OEM) Components

Fire and Hazard Control

The system combines the proven reliability of a balance pressure foam system along with simplified user-friendly controls

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Foam Concentrates

Fire and Hazard Control

Foam Concentrates provide superior fire and vapor suppression for Class B, hydrocarbon fuel fires. These concentrates also have excellent wetting properties that can effectively combat Class A fires.

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Foam Proportoning Equipment

Fire and Hazard Control

Foam proportioners that accurately meter pressurized foam concentrate into the firefighting water stream.

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Fire and Hazard Control

Large diameter hoses capable of significant water flow at higher pressures to effectively combat fires.

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Large Volume Waterpumps

Fire and Hazard Control

The proven technique of applying overwhelming fire suppression power to control a dangerous situation in the shortest time possible.

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Manifolds & Hydrants

Fire and Hazard Control

Hydrant manifolds incorporate 360° rotating swivel built into the main riser of the unit allowing first responders to reposition the hydrant in the most advantageous direction

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Mobile Equipment

Fire and Hazard Control

WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL Attack trailers are built with the customers’ specific needs in mind, and are available with many options including high volume foam storage, proportioning...

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Monitors & Nozzles

Fire and Hazard Control

WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL Tools used in the field for decades, are an innovative solution for firefighters.

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Portable Extinguisher Systems

Fire and Hazard Control

Foam Stations are pre-engineered firefighting systems consisting of a foam concentrate storage tank, proportioning equipment, and hose and discharging devices

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Storage Tank Protections

Fire and Hazard Control

Consisting of foam expansion chamber, integral foam maker, and foam & dry-chemical applications

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Valve & Valve Adapters

Fire and Hazard Control

Designed to work with compressed air foam systems and balanced pressure foam system, the devices can provide reduced pump inlet pressures to allow increased engine/power

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Clients that Trust Us

Many major brands and organizations have put their trust in us to get prepared for emergencies

Are you prepared for all Emergencies. . .
and the investigation afterwards?

24/7 Emergency Response

We can provide competent, qualified personnel to meet all your individual standby rescue and emergency support requirements for onsite short, medium or long-term assignments.

Not all business’ can afford the security of having on-site Rescue and Fire Fighting Services on call, ready to respond to any emergency at a moments notice.

At times like these you need the services of skilled professionals with the flexibility to adapt to different working environment, schedules, and risk dynamics.

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