Emergency Risk Management

Fire Rescue First Response provide consultancy in fire and emergency response

Do you want to experience hassle-free policy implementation? we assist companies to write and implement their Emergency Response Plans and assist with registration of these plans with the appropriate governing organisations.

For peace of mind, we can provide you with a Fire Evacuation report and leave you safe in the knowledge that your staff or tenants have the information they need to evacuate to safety.

Rescue Crews

We can provide competent, qualified personnel to meet all your individual standby rescue and emergency support requirements for onsite short, medium or long-term assignments.

Not all business’ can afford the security of having on-site Rescue and Fire Fighting Services on call, ready to respond to any emergency at a moments notice.

In hazardous environments or dangerous working conditions; for example, when conducting maintenance work at height, in confined spaces or near water.

Health and safety legislation prescribes that a suitably competent and qualified standby rescue facility is put in place in order to react swiftly in the event of a safety incident.

At times like these you need the services of skilled professionals with the flexibility to adapt to different working environment, schedules, and risk dynamics.

Emergency Preparedness can Include:

Evacuation assessment surveys

Planning Evacuation schemes

Emergency wardens training

Trial Evacuations

Liaison with Emergency Services

We will visit new or existing buildings to assess your requirements for emergency preparedness and plan your Emergency Evacuation scheme for you.


We will then submit this scheme to the appropriate governing organisation for their approval. Once approved, we will assist in the training of Emergency Wardens, and arrange trial evacuations for your premises.


We will provide you with a Emergency Evacuation report and leave you with peace of mind that should there be a fire, your staff, tenants or visitors will have the knowledge to evacuate the building safely.

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