Fire Fighting Equipment and Foam Concentrates

Dry Chemicals

Williams’ “PKW™” is a highly specialized siliconized Purple-K that is one of the most effective dry chemicals used to extinguish flammable and/or combustible pressurized liquid fires.

Foam Concentrates

Foam Concentrates provide superior fire and vapor suppression for Class B, hydrocarbon fuel fires. These concentrates also have excellent wetting properties that can effectively combat Class A fires.

Large Volume Water Pumps

The proven technique of applying overwhelming fire suppression power to control a dangerous situation in the shortest time possible.

Manifolds & Hydrants

Hydrant manifolds incorporate 360° rotating swivel built into the main riser of the unit allowing first responders to reposition the hydrant in the most advantageous direction

Mobile Equipment

WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL Attack trailers are built with the customers’ specific needs in mind, and are available with many options including high volume foam storage, proportioning…

Portable Extinguisher Systems

Foam Stations are pre-engineered firefighting systems consisting of a foam concentrate storage tank, proportioning equipment, and hose and discharging devices

Valves & Valve Adapters

Designed to work with compressed air foam systems and balanced pressure foam system, the devices can provide reduced pump inlet pressures to allow increased engine/power

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