Workplace Warden Training

We come to you

Practical – Interactive – Fun

How quickly can you get your people to the evacuation area?

More than a drill

It is important that emergency warden training is not just a tick in the box. Correct training can motivate more safety in the workplace and encourage people to think more proactively within the workplace and be prepared for more than just a routine drill.

Be taught by instructors who are all highly experienced in emergency response and trained as fire fighters.


If you need an evacuation plan, we come to your site and write up exactly what to do to make your location complient.

Do you need to practice an evacuation? Call us to come and set off the alarms, monitor your evacuation proceedures. We always debrief your team on what could be improved.

Benefits of using us

Ask them everything you need to know about your current evacuation systems and what you need to change.

Our course costs include the automatic logging of all Unit Standards to the learners NZQA Record of Learning.

No travel cost for your staff – we come to you.

“We cover fire safety, duties of wardens prior and during an evacuation and the different procedures between fire, earthquake, flooding etc. This practical course is for people and companies who wish to improve their knowledge, requirements and actions needed be to an effective emergency warden. What would you do if you discover a fire? Do you know how to use the fire safety equipment at your workplace?”

Saoirse Nesbit

Fire Warden Trainer


Watch our trainers show you how to respond to someone who is bleeding.


Watch our trainers show you how to respond to a diabetes patient.

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