Fire Rescue First Response

Instructors and Assessors

Jointly have 100's of years experience in the Emergency, Training, Consultancy and Spill response business.
Our Instructors and Assessors

maintain currency within their respective Specialties,
 Rural or Urban Fire Service,
Ambulance, Nursing, and Medicine

by either working part-time

to maintain their registration,
or by their volunteer commitments.

This together with constant training helping them keep up with the latest methods and equipment.

This is invaluable for our clients

as we can keep them up to date

as well.

As well as our permanent staff

featured here, we have a broad team

of highly trained professionals

available for both national and international deployment

at short notice.

                  Saoirse Nesbit 

As our primary First Aid Trainer, as well as covering

Fire-fighting, emergency warden and health & safety training,

Saoirse has eight years as a Volunteer fire fighter attending all manner

of emergencies including many emergency medical response

call outs where no ambulance is present.

On top of this, Saoirse is a mum of five, and has experienced almost

every medical emergency a family can possibly have!

Our People ready to Help you

Dan Nesbit  

Dan, the new and improved 2.0 version of Phil, has been around the emergency services his entire life, and began his own Emergency Services career with the RNZAF as a Fire Fighter based at Whenuapai in Auckland, and while stationed there, completed a tour of duty in Afganistan as a fire fighter .

On leaving the Airforce Dan worked as an Emergency Responder for the mining industry in Australia, covering all types of emergency response, including snake bites, before returning to New Zealand. 

On his return to New Zealand he joined the New Zealand Fire Service as a career fire fighter, based in Palmerston North.

Dan assists us with First Aid, Fire Fighting, Line Rescue, Height Safety and USAR training throughout the country.

Phil Nesbit Managing Director  

Phil's early background is in the Armed Services,

he left the Army and went on to the join the New Zealand Fire Service .

After 28 years as both a Career Fire Fighter and Volunteer Fire Fighter,

Phil is now a Volunteer Station Officer. 

He has also worked as a Fire Fighter for Auckland Airport Crash Fire,

a Paramedic for St John Ambulance,

and as the Principle Rural Fire Officer for a Rural Fire Authority,

managing 7 Rural Fire Forces.
Phil has an extensive working history, and his passion is

Fire and Rescue Emergency Management.

By combining his many years experience in this industry

he brings to Fire Rescue First Response credibility and strength

with his knowledge and skills in Fire and Rescue Management. 

Phil is also a registered NZ Fire Service trainer and Assessor
for a range of fire fighting unit standards.

Allan Swanson  

Not only does he have around 40 years of fire fighting experience, Allan has spent almost 25 years involved with fire service training

throughout the Northern region of NZ.

During this time Allan has also been actively involved

in community safety education in his district,

developing positive fire safety and smoke detector installation programs to improve public safety and awareness.

As the holder of a Diploma in Adult education,

Allan spent 7 seven years as the Senior Trainer

and Station Officer at the North Region Training Facility

in Rotorua directly overseeing the training of over

700 volunteer and career fire fighters.

He was more recently contracted to the Bintulu Emergency

Safety and Training facility in Malaysia as Chief Instructor,

developing multi-disciplinary training courses across

various groups such as the Oil and Gas Industry,

Office and Municipal facilities and Forestry sectors.

Clint Robinson  
He is the expert on all things difficult such as confined space entry,        working at heights, rescue procedures, etc.  All the practical stuff.       

He also is an excellent hands on trainer for approved NZQA courses including:
Confined Space Entry, Confined Space Rescue,
Working at Heights, First Aid, Fire Warden,
Fire Extinguisher and Firefighting. 
In his spare time Clint is an Ambulance Officer and

a Station Officer at the Manly Volunteer Fire Brigade.

Clint is also a registered NZ Fire Service trainer and Assessor

for a range of fire fighting unit standards.

Rae Tailby   

Our latest appointment to the team is Rae Tailby, Director of Emergency Management. Rae is in charge of coordinating all things Civil Defence and Emergency Management in our training world.

Rae comes from a Police and Fire Fighting and Adult Education background, and is currently an operational member of the Greymouth Civil Defence group.

Don’t be fooled by her location, she is very mobile and capable of turning up anywhere at any time! This has nothing to do with being

a mother of four boys, I’m sure!

Rae has extensive knowledge and experience in the industry training field and is a qualified trainer and assessor.  She has a great ability to connect with agencies and contextualise training to suit different needs.

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