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Our entire company is set up as mobile units.

We all have direct access to each to each other as well

as our computer servers from anywhere in the world.

This enables us to respond to clients requirements in

the shortest time possible.

We are happy to comply with any special requests our customers

may have for supply, ordering and delivery.

Our resources

The company is primarily an Emergency Response and Training organisation, with much of our business coming through and around the Emergency Services,

with a major focus around Fire fighter, Emergency Response, Emergency Management, and First Aid training, our company personnel is made up of current

and previous Fire Service staff.

We have access to years and years of experience in this field and

these personnel are available to us both nationwide and globally

at a moment’s notice. 

We are NZQA registered and accredited, providing single or multiple unit standards based training to a wide range of Industry and organisations throughout the country.

     Internationally we provide training programs to NFPA and Joiff training requirements.

Our business is growing quickly, thanks to our ability

and preparedness to customise solutions to our customer’s

specific requirements.

We are happy to offer to our clients help on things such as;

Emergency Procedures and Response Services,

Incident Command, Fire Fighting, Rescue standby crews,

Hazmat, Oil Spill, Evacuation schemes,

Confined space, Height safety and Simulation training,

Health and safety, Environmental inventory, Spill planning

and mitigation products and Specialty training for all personnel.

In Summary

We have a saying at Fire Rescue First Response...

We'll make happen whatever needs to happen !

This is an attitude we all live by.

It comes from the many years we've had on the front lines of

emergency situation, and serves us well as

a mind-set that every one of us carries.

Our Vision

Fire Rescue First Response is the vision of Phil Nesbit.

His Vision... shared by the rest of our team is to:

Provide the highest level of Emergency Training and Response,

Consultancy Support, and Environmental Spill Mitigation

solutions to our customers.

We intend to both meet and then exceed your expectations.

We will provide the best possible service and solutions

and implement ongoing improvements on all aspects

of the way we do business.