Late last year we went to the finalists awards evening for the Westpac Business Awards and had a great time mixing and sharing stories with all the other businesses that were there. It was a good opportunity to reflect on the year and see where we were heading in the future.

Although we didn’t win, as trainers we appreciated the ‘debrief’ that happens when you enter an award like this. Debriefing is a tried and true way of going back over actions, applying what you have learned and making strategy changes for the future – debriefing is something we especially encourage and focus on during our Leadership courses.

We were thankful to receive the following message from the judges at the Westpac Business Awards:

“You should be very proud of your efforts in the area of Community Contribution. Your business was up against some very strong entries this year…Your business is certainly headed in the right direction and we encourage you to apply any learnings from this year’s entry in the coming months. We also hope that you will review the award categories in 2020 and consider entering again in any of the categories that you see fit. Even if you don’t formally enter the awards, we hope you will benefit from lifting the profile of your business and continue to see value in using the entry questions to help your organisation assess its strengths and opportunities.”

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