We often have people stop in to our offices to ask which first aid kit we recommend. Customers during training sessions also regularly ask us to have a look at their first aid kit and ask us what we think? Is it the right one? Is it in the correct location? Do it have everything we need in it for our type of work? How will we know if anything has expired? What medication should be in it? Should we have an epi pen?

These are all good questions and are all dependent on the type of potential hazards you have in your workplace and the area around it. This is because your First Aid Kit should be stocked to help someone in your workplace but also someone who comes in off the street with a problem, perhaps they have been in an accident, or come across someone having a heart attack.

The kit should be well stocked enough to be useful, should be mobile enough for anyone to carry, should be stored in a visible place so everyone knows where it is and most importantly everyone should be told that it is there to be used and that if they are the first person on the scene of an emergency they have permission to utilise it and will not be charged. Workers should also be made aware of where the nearest defibrillator is. If you don’t have your own, there are apps you can use to show the location of those that are nearest you. Make sure these things are covered off when you induct a new person into your organisation and update current staff on any changes.

A good training provider should take the time to answer any questions you have regarding your kit, and give advice on how it can be improved. They should be able to let you know where to buy a suitable kit or where you can buy the components you need to add to your kit. If you have a defibrillator a good trainer will check it for batteries and give any advice on it’s best location.

Next time we are at your site for a training ask us to check it for you – we are happy to help.

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