As a company we pride ourselves on doing the very best we can to help our clients achieve their results when we are delivering our unit standards and courses.

it is rare, but every now and then there may come a time when we are unable to give competent achievements to students based on some factors such as having to leave a course early because of illness or unable to provide paperwork or deliver the skills needed to achieve competency.

When this happens, the learner is always told before the end of the course, by the instructor, why the decision has been made of not yet competent. As instructors we may be able help resolve this, for example, the learner maybe able to complete another scenario before they leave, or maybe they are able to complete the paperwork at a later date. If the learner and instructor have not reached an agreement on the outcome, students are provided with the new, updated SKILLS Assessment Appeal Form.

The instructor will give this form to the learner so that the learner can fill it out and send the completed form to within 30 days of the assessment decision. We always explain the appeals process during the introduction of every course so that everyone knows what to do.

The most important thing is that everyone understands why a person might not have met the standards and what they can do to achieve it in the future. Our instructors are trained to help learners through the process.


Saoirse Nesbit

Director Fire Rescue and First Response Ltd

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