In order to be the best business, delivering the best training by the best people accepting any type of feedback is key. We need to make it easy for all our staff, students, tutors, clients and suppliers to be able to easily mention improvements. Feedback should not be taken as an insult or complaint but a valuable piece of information. The old adage goes that for every one piece of feedback you have received 10 others have thought it but not said anything! many companies spend thousands on getting independent consultants to analyse their business to come up with ways they can improve – lets face it getting feedback is a much cheaper and quicker way of looking for ways to improve what you are doing. so how do you get it/

Firstly, make sure all your staff know that you want feedback. Ask them to be on the look out. Give some scenarios on how and when they could ask questions to get some feedback. Explain the value of debriefing and following up with clients after an interaction, service or training is given. 

To encourage suggestions there should be as many avenues as possible for a person to talk to us. The process should be casual and simple to use, people should feel safe to comment without feeling they may risk jeopardizing their relationship with the business, their trainer or other people on their teams. This can be through an online form that enables them to be anonymous, giving out email contacts and phone numbers or even creating a form encouraging comments that can be given out asking what else would be useful to know from the participants? This could cover any aspect of the course – for example ‘How clearly did your tutor speak/write/demonstrate’, or ‘Were there any difficulties in booking your course with us?’…

We like to encourage suggestions for improvements people would like to see implemented. We want to hear about any changes that could be made to current systems to improve delivery, increase customer satisfaction, remove learning obstacles, reduce administration time or facilitate individual improvement.

Perhaps someone has a great idea to increase business, or a small item that bugs them each time they run a course. Would a student would like more information on why something is currently done the way it is or do you simply need more stationary? Any and all comments should be really appreciated by a company, especially a training company, it means they can build a better business for their clients.

Let feedback be your friend not an angry noise you’d rather not hear. 

Katy Amkreutz

Administrator – Fire Rescue and First Response Ltd

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